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Bench Bar Liaison

Jason Everett Boatright 
The purpose of the Bench Bar Liaison Committee is to pursue projects of mutual advantage to the bar and the bench; to render assistance to the appellate judges and the appellate courts with regard to public information, CLE and training; and to create an environment of a respectful, but friendly, camaraderie between the appellate bench and the appellate bar. To further those purposes, the Committee hosts an annual reception for the state's appellate judiciary and offers a "Lunch with the Judges" in different appellate districts each year. These programs are done in conjunction with local bar associations to encourage open forums where judges and attorneys can frankly discuss issues related to the processing and presentation of appeals. The Committee also monitors legislative developments related to the judiciary (including court administration, judicial selection and appellate court funding) and conducts surveys on local appellate court rules and preferences. The Committee welcomes ideas that will further promote the Committee's purposes or programs.


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