Helen Cassidy Award

In 2005, the State Bar Appellate Section began awarding of the Annual State Bar of Texas Appellate Practice Section Helen A. Cassidy Award. Those who were fortunate enough to know Helen understand full well why the Section would honor her. Helen was one of the very first attorneys board certified in civil appellate law in the State of Texas. Perhaps the crown jewel of Helen’s contribution to appellate law is the 15 years that she devoted to public service as staff attorney, then chief staff attorney, of the 14th Court of Appeals. A common theme was Helen’s ongoing commitment to excellence in appellate law and education, and to helping those with a more faint voice, and with fewer means, wealth, and political connection.

Here is the dedication in which the Section announced the creation of the Helen Cassidy Award in 2005. That dedication gave a soulful description of what she meant to the Section, and provided a quote from Helen showing her incisive wit, and her no holds barred support for those who contributed by laboring in the Section’s vineyards. 

The State Bar Appellate Section Council is proud to recognize Helen’s lifelong commitment to legal excellence through the Helen A. Cassidy Award. Each year, the award will be presented to the person who receives the highest evaluations during the previous year’s Advanced Civil Appellate Practice Course.

Winners of the award are:

2005 -- The Honorable John G. Hyde
2006 -- Philip Durst and Kurt H. Kuhn
2007 -- Justice David E. Keltner
2008 -- Douglas R. Richmond & Chad Baruch
2009 -- Kurt Kuhn, Robert DuBose & Chad Baruch
2010 -- Pamela Stanton Baron
2011 -- Chad Baruch
2012  -- Robert Dubose  
2013 -- Chad Baruch 
2014 -- Chad Baruch


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