Justice James A. Baker

Justice James A. Baker (1931-2008) was a Justice on the Supreme Court of Texas. He is remembered as a hard worker and a clear writer and thinker. On the Supreme Court, he was known both for his rigorous editing and his rigorous application of the standard of review.

Justice Baker was appointed to the Supreme Court of Texas by Governor George W. Bush in 1995 and served until 2002.

Justice Baker graduated from Highland Park High School in Dallas, followed by Southern Methodist University in 1953 and SMU Law School in 1958. He had a successful practice in Dallas before being elected to the Fifth Court of Appeals in 1986, where he served until he joined the Supreme Court of Texas in 1995.

Justice Baker finished his career at the Dallas law firm Hughes & Luce LLP, which became K&L Gates, as the head of its appellate practice group.




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