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After much-dedicated work in Pro Bono Pilot Programs in the Supreme Court of Texas and the Third Court of Appeals, the Section now has Pro Bono Programs established or on the way in several state Appellate Courts, including the Supreme Court, and the First, Second, Third and Fourteenth Courts of Appeals. If you would like to become involved in our pro bono programs, please fill out this Sign-Up Sheet and send to the address indicated. Doing so will place you on our listserv of talented volunteers who receive email summaries of potential cases. You are under no obligation to take a case simply by signing up, but we hope that you will do so when you receive the electronic call for help.

Our goal is to match clients who cannot afford legal representation with volunteer Texas lawyers who agree to serve without expectation of compensation. We may take other select cases, on a discretionary basis. In our programs, the clients obtain qualified counsel to help them navigate the often complicated appeals process, while the attorneys gain valuable experience and exposure to the appellate courts. We have pooled our volunteers into a database/listserv so that we can disseminate information about pro bono cases more quickly and expedite the matching process. Our volunteers can sign up as lead lawyers or as mentors—i.e., providing oversight and input into the client’s case and thereby enhancing the representation. So far, we have over 120 volunteers and have placed numerous cases.

For a pamphlet describing the appellate pro bono program, click here. Folleto del programa para servicios pro bono aquí.

To sign up for the programs, please fill out this form.

For more information on, and useful forms for participating in, the Pro Bono Programs before the various appellate courts, please click on the links to the Programs in those various courts, set out below. Many thanks for your interest in the Program, and we look forward to working with you.




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